Fun Hedgehog Activities for November by our Ecology vlogger Lizzie - Creature Candy

Make A Hedgehog Mural With Autumn Leaves


Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your children this November? How about collecting green, red, yellow and orange Autumn leaves from your garden or local park, and making a hedgehog mural with them? Here’s how you do it.


TIP: Get the children to look out for pointed leaves to create the hedgehog spikes!


1. Cut out a hedgehog shape using thick cardboard. Draw a nose, mouth and eye using a black felt pen or crayon.


Hedgehog 1



2. Starting along the top and back start to stick the leaves on in rows.


hedgehog 2


3. Continue to stick on the leaves until you have covered the entire hedgehog body. Leave the glue to dry and hang on the wall.


hedgehog 3


I hope you have lots of fun making your hedgehogs. Why not show us a photo of your finished hedgehog on social media using the hashtags #bopstop #eboptv and #parents We’d love to see them!


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Lizzie x



If you would like to download this tutorial please click here.


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Check Your Bonfires Before Lighting


Every year many hedgehogs die or suffer horrific injuries because bonfire piles are not checked before being lit. Bonfires that are built days in advance of being lit are likely to attract hedgehogs looking for a place to hide. Therefore, it is recommended that bonfires are only built on the day they are to be lit to avoid such tragic circumstances. Alternatively, dismantle and rebuild your bonfire in a different location so you can check for hedgehogs.


If hedgehogs are found, take some nesting material and place the hedgehog in a high-sided cardboard box with lots of newspaper or an old towel. Make air holes in the lid. Wearing thick garden gloves gently place your hedgehog in the box and put it in a safe place such as a shed or garage well away from human disturbance. Provide the hedgehog with meaty cat or dog food and fresh water to drink. Once the bonfire is completely out, release the hedgehog under a hedge, bush or behind a stack of logs with more food and water.  


How to Make Your Garden Hedgehog Friendly


October is all about hedgehogs as they start to look for suitable places to hibernate for the winter. Hedgehogs have declined dramatically over recent years so we must do all we can to provide habitats and food sources in our gardens for them.


Take a look at Creature Candy’s latest blog post to find out how to make your garden more hedgehog friendly.



Hedgehog Quiz for Kids

1. If hedgehogs are frightened, what do they do?

a. curl up in a ball
b. hide in a hole
c. run away

2. A hedgehog has approximately how many spines?

a. 100
b. 1000
c. 5000

3. Hedgehogs hibernate over the winter?

a. True
b. False

4. Hedgehogs only come out during the day?

a. True
b. False

5. Hedgehogs like to eat:

a. Berries
b. Slugs & worms
c. Leaves

6. Food we must NOT feed to hedgehogs in our garden:

a. Dog food
b. Cat food
c. Milk and bread



1. a
2. c
3. a
4. b
5. b
6. c